Floor Buffer Auckland

We provide all sorts of floor maintenance services like floor buffing, scrubbing, industrial sweeping, stripping and polishing. We are an experienced team for delivering the professional floor cleaning services with our high standard equipment while delivering exceptional results and leaving your environment cleaner and safer.

We specialize in dealing with vinyl floors which have a layer of polish or sealer which gives it that clean and glossy look and protects it. In due course of time, the polish loses its shine, and the floor is open to scratches and unwanted marks. This polish also eventually wears out with time and use resulting in floors becoming dull and need to be restored. Use of harsh chemicals to mop these floors also adds to the problem as it strips off the sealer or polish leaving the original vinyl floor prone to damage.

X-Press Facilities Services have years of experience in floor polishing and restoration. Vinyl floors are an expensive deal, and it is wise to protect your investment to ensure its longevity. Our experienced team has all the expertise to give you right advice and recommendation in how to maintain your floors and to extend the life of vinyl for years to come.

Not sure if you ever heard the statement that the shinier the floors, the more slippery they become! Well, it’s an absolute myth as the right grade and quality of vinyl floor polish or sealer not only protects the floors but provides a non-slip surface which contributes to health and safety.

It’s always an important factor that floor services require years of experience to restore the maintenance level rather than to put on a few coats of polish to make the floors look shiny. Without adapting the proper methods and techniques, practically there will be no evident impact on the floors and only keeps attracting dust particles and scratch marks.  Therefore, it is always recommended to go for a professional floor cleaning team like X-Press Facilities Services.

X-Press Facilities Services believe in the right approach, and high standard customer experience with impactful results. Get in touch with us for a consultation and to obtain an obligation free affordable quotation.