Carpet Cleaning Services Auckland

We cater to Commercial as well as Residential sites for high powered steam carpet wash service and particular about stain removal from the carpets. If you are looking forward to a hygienic and germ-free environment, a professional carpet cleaning company like X-Press Facilities can make a big difference to your commercial or residential site. Therefore, your best bet is going to be hiring real professionals to get the job done right!

Our services are not just limited to carpets but upholstery as well. Your upholstery furniture is going to look great in your home or lavish showroom if it is clean and sparling, leaving a spotlight for guests and customers.

We shout out for Auckland Pet owners for any urinal or poop incidents by your furry kids. We own the essential equipment and eco-friendly products for a carpet wash and the stain removal methodology up to a large extent. Assure all the customers that we can provide quality cleaning that you are going to enjoy and feel the real difference right after drying off the carpets. Our cleaning services are not going to diminish the lifespan of your carpets as many other cleaning methods could.

Even if you are looking to have clean upholstery for a long time, we are one of the best options that are going to be out there for you. Your upholstery furniture is going to look great in your home or showroom if it is clean. Keep it simple, we can provide quality cleaning that you are going to continuously love all over again. Most importantly, we have the right techniques to clean all sorts of furniture texture for instance leather which is a delicate one.

Cleaning a rug may not seem like a thing that could be considered important, but in a way, it is similar in that trying to do it yourself with conventional methods just doesn’t give proper hygiene and comfort. We are not saying that you should not even vacuum your rugs without our help. What we conclude is that appropriate cleaning is not achieved just by vacuuming. You must consider professionals like X-Press Facilities Services.

Carpets and upholstery have that tendency to develop stains from accidents that can happen to anyone on any given day. If you are trying to remove stains by scrubbing may not always be the best option out there. Imagine the threads break out or damage on the carpet and upholstery. There are unique treatments that we can apply to stains in order to have it fade away. Remember that we smell coffee stains to be removed from your premises right away!!