Car Park Cleaning Auckland

We understand that the longer you leave your car park surface uncleaned, the more stubborn the dirt will become. A regularly cleaned Car Park works wonders for an organization’s reputation.

Car Parks are used throughout the year everywhere and must require industrial cleaning regularly. The build-up of oil, petrol, and diesel stains as well as chewing gum, dirt, litter, and grime is usually found in car parks and requires a generous cleaning. This is where we come in. Our fully trained cleaning team will maintain and keep your car park clean and tidy – excellent for the reputation of your business and the safety of your customers or visitors. We clean the surfaces of all types and conditions. Whatever the condition of the surface is, we consistently perform and maintain high standards of cleaning for our customers, and that leads to reduced revenue, dissatisfied customers, a poor car parking experience and a significantly reduced life expectancy for your car park surfaces.

The regular car park cleaning maintains the premises for no rubbish and electrostatic dust. Taking on X-Press Cleaning Services will ensure that your car park is well-maintained and will ensure that your customers are left with a favorable impression of your environment. Our perfectionist cleaning team will work safely and effectively to deal with the build-up of pollutants, dirt, grime and organic matter considering the Health & Safety protocols of utmost importance.

We achieve the high standards of cleaning through our vast experience, use of eco-friendly products, specialist floor cleaning machines, industrial sweepers, water blaster along with the well-trained staff. We provide an impactful service by extending our horizons to high- and low-pressure washing techniques required as per the condition of the car park. Our powerful and professional washers shoot out an extreme pressure of water for washing, blasting away the dirt, oil, grimes.

X-Press Facilities is always willing to answer any questions and discuss your car park cleaning needs. With our mechanical brooms and ride on sweepers as well as a variety of blast cleaning services available, you can contact us to discuss your needs and receive helpful and friendly advice as well as a no obligation affordable quotation.