Building Management Auckland

X-Press Building Management has all the potential to provide well-organised, efficient, and experienced building management services. We take our pride in ensuring that your building is not just a pleasant place to be, but also kept to a high standard of Health & Safety.

We can provide an affordable service that is tailored to your organizational specific needs, from on-site management from small, medium to large size buildings followed by the site visits, coordination with the management and service providers, and procurement of utilities.

We are an experienced professionals well-versed in working alongside with Body Corporates, Owners, Committees, Contractors and Residents.  We use this experience to act decisively and make informed decisions to effect change and solutions.

We focus on your building’s practical requirements, believe in our integrity, accountability, and efficiency to every task in details, and proven to be the problem solvers you can trust to get the job done.

Body Corporates

By taking in charge of the day-to-day activities of your building, X-Press Building Management will keep you hassle free and focus entirely on the administration of your business.

We liaise efficiently with tenants, owners, committees, trades, and body corporate, creating space for you to grow at your end. It is an integral for good decisions to be made in a timely fashion to drive successful outcomes.

We are reliable, experienced and fully equipped Facility Management company to deal with the issues and concerns of owners and residents. And we take an ownership for all the communication and accountability towards the business. 

Building Owners

We work closely with the committee members to understand the needs and requirements of the building, also it brings opportunity on the table to overcome with the shortcomings. We approach remedial projects confidently because we deal with a reliable, trusted pool of tradespeople to draw quotes and opinions from when required. We take the accountability of the projects SOP along with the schedules from the service providers.


We encourage a friendly, approachable relationship with tenants – whether they are commercial or residential dwellers. Maintaining good working relationships with the people in the building is one of our core promises following the best practices of the building management.

Housekeeping rules are carefully considered and communicated to provide all tenants with a consistent and pleasant living environment. Most importantly, to maintain a pleasant living environment we will ensure tenants comply with these carefully communicated housekeeping rules.

Give us a call today to book our services. To discuss your project requirements, contact one of our customer support executives.